Corporate Wellness

If you need a morale/production booster at your office, Consider a wellness program for your employees! We're available for corporate events and weekly or monthly chair massage

in your workspace!

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I'm Janine Jeffries. I'm a Zen Warrior. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Practitioner, Miracle Worker, Healing Facilitator and Mom. Because of my work, I am honored and happy to help my clients overcome their aches and pains and enjoy watching them do everything they want to do in their life! Keeping my clients bodies performing at their best is my top priority. 

I'm a mediocre runner with some CrossFit training background. And I like a good movie along with some ice cream every now and again...

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​Zen Warrior Massage Therapy

Package Special

​We're offering a series of 3 60 minute massage sessions for a prepaid price of $175, or a series of 3 90 minute massages for $250.00! That's $50 less than the cost of 3 separate massages!

This package cannot be purchased online.

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​Gift certificates are always available in $10 increments!